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2019 Event Calendar

  1.  March 14th Monthly Meeting at KTCC
  2. March 24th Sunday Supper KTCC Band Room
  3. April 11th Monthly Meeting at KTCC
  4. May 4th Luncheon at the Farmhouse
  5. May 9th Monthly Meeting FOY Grounds
  6. May 25th Anniversary at Center Foy Grounds
  7. June 13th Montly Meeting FOY Grounds
  8. June 15th-16th Horse and Mule Show
  9.  June 28th-29th Wagon Train Stop
  10.  September 7th-8th 36th annual Threshing Festival

Event Booking

Are you looking for a beautiful rustic location to have your next get together family event or wedding? Farming of Yesteryear grounds are a great choice with many indoor outdoor options. Click the link below to learn about our booking options.

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